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The video for our new power ballad, Living The Dream, is below! The song's being sent to radio stations all round the world, so keep an ear out for it!

You can also watch it on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAp_Xqpc4u0"
and listen on Soundcloud here https://soundcloud.com/velinski/living-the-dream-radio-edit-featuring-sertari"

Our first review is in...! "Living The Dream by Velinski featuring Sertari is a track that timelessly ties together the pop of the early nineties with a vibrancy that will make fans of current R&B dig this composition. The considerable vocal power exerted here does just as much to ferry the overall harmony of the single as the backing instrumentation. The two elements combine to create something decidedly greater than their constituent parts. Hints of Madonna can be discerned as the track hurtles to its end; the cohesive arrangement is able to create something new and exciting from a storied musical tradition."
Thanks to James McQuiston of NeuFutur magazine http://neufutur.com/2016/01/velinski-living-the-dream-featuring-sertari/